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Study abroad is a great opportunity to live in another country, to widen your cultural horizons and to make new contacts and friendships. It will broaden your education, giving you new perspectives, and perhaps enabling you to take new and different subjects from those at your home university, as well as experiencing a new teaching and learning environment. It will help you develop greater self awareness, maturity and confidence, and more importantly enhance your employability, setting you apart in the job market from other graduates. In addition, it may also enable you to develop your language skills amongst native speakers, which again will help your employability.

At VU, one of the key drivers is to enhance the international and intercultural capability and experience of both the University's students and staff, through internationalisation of curricula, including exchange and placement opportunities, and thereby enhancing the global employability of graduates and the personal development of students and staff.

We therefore offer all of our students the opportunity to study in another country, giving them a university education with the ‘added value' of international experience. We also welcome exchange students from our partner universities, who can equally benefit from an international experience, and who can contribute to the cultural mix and atmosphere of our campus.