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Prof. Dr. M.S.S. El Namaki


Prof. El Namaki is the founder and former Dean of the Maastricht School of Management (MSM), Maastricht, in the Netherlands (1984-2002). El Namaki has developed and introduced management degree programs (MBA, EMBA, DBA and PhD) into no less than 25 countries including the Netherlands, China, Egypt, Brazil, Poland, Canada and Indonesia. His MSM MBA program in Changsha, China was the first in the country. El Namaki did consultancy missions for several international organizations like the European Union (EU), The World Bank, the United Nations Development Organization (UNDP), and the International Trade Center (ITC). 

El Namaki graduated with an MA from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In 1977, El Namaki successfully defended his PhD thesis at the Free University of Brussels. He also did an Executive Program at MIT in 1982. 
El Namaki assumed executive positions within Philips (Eindhoven), McKinsey (London and Dar es Salaam) and Time Inc. (Amsterdam). He consulted and delivered executive seminars on a wide scale and his clients included Fortune 500 companies like Dupont, Philips and Pepsi as well as landmark national corporations as China Pacific Insurance Corporation CPIC (Shanghai), Eastern Tobacco (Egypt) and Abraaj (United Arab Emirates). He has published 6 books and more than 70 articles. El Namaki's book on "Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Arab Countries" was published in March 2008.
Prof. Ricky De Werk


After graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Ricky has worked with leading international corporations and organizations such as Unilever where she was a Product Managers for seven years. After that, Ricky worked as Marketing Manager for Unicef for seven years and Esselte, where she was responsible for introducing PayTV in the Netherlands, for two years. 
Subsequently Ricky utilized her extensive experience to kick start a new and successful direction in her career a lecturer and marketing consultant for the Dutch Marketing Association and Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, delivering divers training events in both Strategic Management and Marketing and management skills to senior and mid-level managers throughout the world, in such places as the Netherlands, China,Mongolia, Cuba, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Lybia etc. 
Additionally, Ricky has taught business related subjects for more than 15 years in MBA programs worldwide- most recently for Victoria University; she has developed in-house training programs and consults for organizations in divers industries globally such as Philips, (both in the Netherlands and Shanghai, China), Schneider, General Motors, Bosch, Amideast in Egypt, Gate Gourmet in China and a large number of smaller companies and organizations. Since 7 years she has implemented a number of subjects, like presentation skills, communication, problem solving and decision making, coaching and team work within the in-house COOCN/Shell training program in Shen Zhen, China.
Prof. Dr. Jiri Donat


Jiri Donat received his PhD in Computer Science from Czech Technical University in Prague and MSc. in Mathematics from Charles University in Prague. His professional experience includes work as Associated Director with AT Kearney, Senior Manager with Deloitte, Country Manager of Nortel, and Country Manager of Lotus Development. Jiri worked with AT Kearney at a number of projects in India, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Central European countries. He is an author of three books : E business for Managers, Business in the Era of Web 2.0 and one sci-fi novel Stab in the Back on the Information Superhighway. His academic expertise is in Internet, IT, business strategy, and particularly the implications of technological changes for the business environment. Jiri joined Victoria University faculty and teaches MBA Information Technology Systems.

Prof. Dr. Pier Andrea Podda

Master of Research, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Master Degree in Political Sciences, LUISS University, Italy. Pietro was born in Sardinia, Italy and educated in Rome. He studied Political Sciences and specialized, at a Master level, in EU and International Affairs. He was an active member of the group advising the Erasmus Program. After a further post - Master course on EU law he started working in the banking sector as a financial analyst and later, as an investment consultant. Currently, Pietro is conducting his Ph.D. research on foreign direct investment into the Czech Republic.

Prof. Luc De Ceuster


Luc De Ceuster received his MSc. and BSc. in Civil and Mechanical Engineering from the Belgian Royal Military Academy, Masters Certificate in Project Management from the AT&T School of Business and Technology, and PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. His professional experience includes prior work as Company Commander in the Belgian Corps of Engineers (Belgium, Germany), Professor at the SABENA training institute for Airline Pilots (Brussels, Belgium), Director of Environmental Technology (Bruges, Belgium), Project Executive at IBM (Belgium), Account Director at AT&T (Belgium) and General Manager APraCom (Prague, The Czech Republic).

He is an author of a series of publications in the field of aviation as well as of "Focus on Project Success", "Focus on Risk Management" and "Focus on Earned Value". His academic expertise is in Engineering, Project Management and Operations Management. Luc De Ceuster joined the Victroria University faculty and teaches Quantitative Methods in Business and specialized courses in Project Management.


Prof. Dr. Andrea Mitovski Cirkovic


Andrea Mitovski Cirkovic graduated in 2006 at the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages, English teaching, at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, in Bucharest, Romania. After the graduation she entered MBA program and she got her MBA diploma in 2008 at the same faculty. In 2007 she entered a PhD program at the Faculty of Management, at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, and she got her doctorate degree in March 2011, on thesis "Investment in Organizational Stress Management". In 2009 she entered two master programs in psychology, and in 2011 she got her Master degrees in Applied Psychology in National Security and in Organizational Psychology and Human Resources.

Regarding her academic work experience, she started her teaching activity as an University Teaching Assistant Professor in 2008, at the Faculty of Entrepreneurship Business, Union University in Belgrade, Serbia, where she taught Organizational Management and Entrepreneurship, and Sales Management, than at the Faculty of European Business and Marketing and Faculty of International and Industrial Management at the European University also in Belgrade, on Human Resources Management and General Management. While for the University of Nordland, Bodo, Norway she also taught Innovation Management in Kragujevac.

In 2012 she started collaboration with Victoria University from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where she had his first courses on Managerial Economics in February this year. She is also a mentor for doctorate dissertation thesis and master thesis at online program of SMC University, Switzerland. She presented her researches and publications at national and international congresses and journals. Beside the academic activity, she is also working as a management consultant in Belgrade, Serbia.

Prof. Dr. Lenka Fedorova


Specialization : Political Science.

Lenka Fedorova received her PhD in Political Science from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany, M.A. in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies from Stanford University, and B.A. in International Affairs and German Studies from Lewis and Clark College. Her professional experience includes prior work as Assistant Director and Academic Coordinator for the Lewis and Clark College Year of Study in Munich and research work at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., Osteuropa-Institut in Munich, and Hoover Institution at Stanford University. She has published on Europeanization and policy changes in Slovakia. Her academic expertise is in EU studies and transition processes in Central and East Europe.


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