DBA Admission Criteria

VU seeks doctoral participants possessing a solid undergraduate and graduate educational preparation, reasonable managerial or professional experience, strong intellect and the capacity for independent investigation. An understanding of the contemporary economic, political and social context in which business organizations operate is important. While most applicants have a master's degree in a business or a public management-related field, applicants with strong academic preparation in other fields are equally welcome to apply. Doctoral participants must be fluent in English and are expected to write on a level meeting contemporary standards of professional publication.

The selection of applicants for admission to the doctoral program is made by a faculty Committee and is based on the applicant's overall accomplishments and skills. Successful applicants generally are admitted to the doctoral program twice a year. A complete application package must be received by the Admissions Committee well in advance of the anticipated matriculation date.

DBA requirements :
Applicants must have a master's degree in Business, Public Administration or related field from an accredited institution or a comparable foreign institution, with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or the equivalent in the master's degree. Applicants possessing a master's degree in a field of study other than Business or Public Administration may be required to take additional preparatory courses.
Applicants must submit a concise professional and/or academic résumé highlighting both experience and training.
Applicants must submit a statement of goals.
Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's ability to succeed in a doctoral program are required.
Applicants must have English language proficiency.
Applicants with responsible managerial or professional work experience will be given preference in admission.

Please Note : applicants who have completed the GMAT or GRE examinations within the past ten years may submit their test score results. This is not mandatory but will help the Admissions Committee to assess the participant's abilities to undertake the program.

MBA Admission Criteria

An applicant must :
have a bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education;
demonstrate abilities at a level consistent with that expected of graduate level participants and career objectives consistent with the objectives of the program for which the prospective MBA participant is applying;
have a 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or above or the equivalent (if an applicant's undergraduate GPA is less than 3.0, or if the applicant does not meet full admissions requirements, approval from the Admissions Committee is needed: the committee may require such an MBA participant to take additional preparatory courses);
have English language proficiency.

The administration of the school reserves the right to waive certain admission standards in exceptional cases and to provide conditional status to such participants.

In addition to completing the general application, the prospective MBA participant must arrange for the Admissions Committee to receive the following:

Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed. The official transcript should be sent directly to VU from institutions previously attended and affixed with the institution's seal(s). Transcripts submitted by an MBA participant need to be in a sealed envelope bearing the official seal.
Two letters of recommendation from the applicant's professors, employers, or graduate counselors, or other evaluative material accepted by the Admissions Committee at the relevant campus.

Please note: if potential graduate MBA participants have taken the GMAT or GRE, submitting these scores may enhance the opportunity for admissions.

EMBA Admission Criteria

An applicant must have :
at least ten years of business experience and a satisfactory GMAT score;
an undergraduate degree;
an undergraduate transcript;
two letters of reference;
a personal interview;
English language proficiency;
a Personal Essay;
stipulated his or her career goals;
entrepreneurial expertise;
evidence of leadership, professional promise, motivation and drive;
proven skills to overcome hardship;
professional certifications;
honors and awards;
a membership in professional or business associations;
community or national service;
extracurricular activities.

Please note: the GMAT is optional for EMBA applicants. It is not required but strongly encouraged.

BBA Admission Criteria

The Admissions Committee places particular emphasis upon the following :
The secondary school record. Graduation from high school or its equivalent as evidenced by a high school diploma, or comparable documentation, is required for admission to any VU program.
College transcripts.
English language proficiency.
Two letters of recommendation from the applicant's principal, lecturers, employers, or guidance counselors, or other evaluative material accepted by the Admissions Committee.