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Organization for Sovereign Credit Analysis and Rating (OSCAR)


1. Monitor, survey and selectively conduct research in the credit worthiness of sovereigns.
2. Scaling the credit worthiness of sovereigns according to a conceptually and operationally professionally accepted norm.
3. Extending advisory support to individuals, corporations, governments and other supra national organizations with regards to ways and means of credit rating ranks and their improvement.
4. Holding of educational seminars related to credit rating of sovereigns.
5. Publishing, regularly, documents and memoranda containing results of sovereign rating and changes in those ratings.
6. Extending consulting support to sovereigns in search of ways and means of improving their credit rating.
7. Supporting sovereign in translation of rating into viable fiscal , monetary, trade and other economic policy instruments.



1. An executive board constituted of the Chief Executive officer and two other members.
2. An advisory Board.
3. A Chief Executive officer responsible of strategy formulation and execution as well as representation of the entity in all possible forums. The CEO is Chairman of the executive Board.
4. An operational management layer responsible for research and liaison with other research organizations focusing on sovereign credit rating.
5. An operational unit responsible for publications.

Contact : OSCAR : c/o VU, Avenue de la Gare 2, 2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland