VU strives to give the participant specific knowledge in a chosen field. The basic objective is to help participants develop the analytical capability, fundamental knowledge and attitude of personal responsibility required to function effectively as creative citizens in an increasingly interdependent world.
VU seeks :
-to establish and continuously refine academic programs consistent with the school's vision and philosophy;
-educational experiences that stimulate a desire for learning;
-programs and services supportive of the academic objectives;
-to support services that address the diverse needs of international participants;
-to develop faculty and staff;
-to mature programs which will ensure a high quality educational experience;
-to maintain a systematic program of worldwide institutional development.
By the end of the program the participant :
-will have learned how to maintain competitiveness and excellence in the global marketplace;
-will be aware of the needs and aspirations of the global environment;
-will be committed to lifelong learning;
-will have learned how to value the diverse thoughts of humanity.