During the program, participants will develop skills to enable them to articulate their career goals while attending career management gatherings. Topics will include :

-   Résumé and Cover Letter Writing;
-   Setting Job Search Objectives;
-   Interviewing Training;
-   Reference;
-   Salary Negotiations.

If students join networking events, employer will provide additional recruitment opportunities.

Job Placement

VU provides support services to participants throughout their studies, each student should responsible for finding their own internship. The program maintains flexible operating guidelines and procedures for both employers and participants. Internships are academically oriented and taken for credit by participants. All internships must first be approved by the Dean before starting. Upon completion of the internship, the intern must write a report to be defended orally before a jury to receive academic credit.

Financial Support

Studying at a business school is a venture that should be planned carefully and strategically. This is why VU offers financial support to qualified participants with strong leadership potential. These potential participants will enhance the diversity in their classroom and can contribute in a positive way to their peer-group. Participants who have solid professional experience and demonstrate strong ethics and social responsibility will be selected.

The participant will write an essay (500 words maximum) stating why VU can help achieve the participant's ambitions. The author needs to emphasize short-term and long-term goals. The essay should be submitted along with the application package. Financial support is limited and is awarded on a rolling basis. VU therefore advises to apply early.

Financial support is granted at the discretion of VU. No explanation will be given as to why a financial support is granted or withheld and it will not be possible to correspond about the financial support.

Please note the following :
Financial support does not have any cash value other than in connection with the reduction of the tuition fees to which the beneficiary of the financial support is entitled.
Financial support is to be applied towards tuition fees and cannot be applied in any other way.
Financial support will be lost if a participant does not pay the full tuition fee.
Financial support must be repaid in case an applicant does not complete the program or otherwise fails to graduate.
Once an essay has been submitted by an applicant VU will become the owner thereof and is entitled to any copyrights relating thereto.