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M.S.S. El Namaki, PhD (Free University Brussels)
J.L. Juvet, PhD (University of Neuchâtel)
L.A. Keow, PhD (University of Tokyo)
X. Dai, PhD (Skema Business School - ESC Lille France)
G. Ju, PhD (Peking University)
D. Xu, PhD (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
R. Lazenby, MPhil (Cranfield School of Management)
D. Shaw, PhD (Purdue Universiy)

I. Mackechnie, PhD (Bulacan State University, University of Southern Queensland) 

Tasks and responsibilities of the Academic Council

The Academic Council will have control of the academic affairs of Victoria University (VU). The Academic Council will have the following powers, unless otherwise prescribed by the Executive Board :

1. Recognition to teach and examine at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
2. Promote research within VU and to require reports, from time to time, on such research.
3. Recommend to the Executive Board upon all proposals for the institution or abolition of degrees or other qualifications.
4. Approve of regulations and procedures in relation to academic collaborative arrangements with other institutions and organizations.
5. Recommend to the Executive Board, the approval of individual courses of study provided in recognized institutions as equivalent to the whole, or defined part, of an approved course of study at VU.
6. Approve of regulations and procedures concerning internal and external program review.
7. Confer titles for Chairs.
8. Confer honorary academic titles.
9. Appoint examiners.
10. Appoint teaching assistants.
11. Determine rules governing the award of fellowships, studentships, scholarships, exhibitions, prizes and other academic awards.
12. Make rules for admission and progress of students undertaking courses of study.
13. Make rules for the good order of research and teaching at VU.
14. Make rules for the conduct of examinations, degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic awards.
15. Approve regulations and guidelines governing student conduct.
16. Discuss and pronounce an opinion on any academic matter relating to VU.


Composition :

  • Chancellor and Dean;
  • Heads of Schools;
  • Registrar and Chief Operating Officer;
  • Other members e.g. members of Academic Staff.

Reports to :

  • Executive Board

Meetings :

  • 1x per year with extraordinary meetings held as required.