VU site at Wikipedia contains false information undermining the excellent work done by the organization and the record of achievement it made. Wikipedia insists on stating, despite repeated attempts at correcting the record, that VU is not an accredited organization. It aso casts shadows on those involved in the process. This is contrary to the fact that VU is accredited by AAIME a innovative accreditation agency endorsing novel Scorecard standards of accreditation. AAIME, contrary to Wikipedia’s statement and the antiquated standards endorsed by the highly concentrated business program accreditation industry, pursues a Scorecard concept to accreditation of business education programs,  a concept that allows for an assessment of inputs , outputs and the very process of competency enhancement. This approach contrasts with standards adopted by leaders of the industry whose approach is biased towards flimsy parameters as faculty and research. Quality of inputs and longer term validity of outputs are seldom discussed.
Wikipedia is inflicting legally challengeable damage to VU and is undermining the interests of all those participating in the management education industry.