Dear Students,
The University is undertaking a rebranding exercise to refresh its brand and to align it better with the university’s vision as a premier global higher education institution. This is an on-going process where the university is continuously reinventing itself to remain relevant to the ever changing global environment and to create positive value for all its students and stakeholders.
The revamped new website of the university and adoption of “VU – Victoria School of Management”, where VU is the acronym of Victoria University, on the website reflects the university’s unique value positioning as a highly specialized business and management education institution in Europe. There would be a lot of new features on the new website where visitors to our website can receive the most up-to-date information about the university and be connected with the VU network.
Victoria University wants to reassured its students and stakeholders that it would constantly strive for education and business excellence, and take this opportunity extend its appreciation to all the support and encouragement it had received on the revamped VU website.
Victoria University – Victoria School of Management