On December 7th 2011, more than two thousands scholars, officials and entrepreneurs including Prof. Hai Wen, Vice President of Peking University; Ms. Anita Liu, Victoria University Assistant Director in China; Prof. Gu Shengzu, Vice President of China National Democratic Construction Association and Mr. Zang Jiashun from Min Sheng Capital participated in The Capital, Transition, and Penetration under the New Economic Environment Summit organized by Victoria University, Peking University and Sino-Wisdom in Shenzhen. The summit was held at Shenzhen Huaxia Art Center and it has been co-hosted by 16 enterprises and institutions, including Market Economy Academy, Peking University and Min Sheng Capital.

 The summit program focused on key economic issues in China - private enterprises and their importance in boosting Chinese economy and the world as a whole - presented in a combination of keynote presentations, five unique forums and networking dinners.

At the summit, Prof. Gu Shengzu delivered a speech on The Financial Situation of The Small Businesses In China. He also addressed concerns about the shortage of skillful labors in the market and how to overcome such problem in the new economy. Prof. Hai Wen has also delivered a fantastic speech on economic transformation and economic transition models.

At the end of the summit, Victoria University Alumni Association, Sino-Wisdom and Min Sheng Capital have held several ceremonies and networking events.