On July 13, 2011, Prof. Dr. El Namaki, Dean of VU, joined a round table discussion hosted by Bahrain’s Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan Fakhro. Dr. Fakhro confirmed the importance of high education and majors related to the business sector for the enhancement of society and economic growth. In this regard, he noted the important role played by the Bahrain Exhibition and Conference Authority (BECA).
Dr. Fakhro received Dr. El Namaki on the seventh meeting for the development of the exhibitions, conferences, business and tourism industry. The theme for this meeting was “Working Together, Welcome the World”. Dr Fakhro stressed the importance of such events in identifying other experiences in the exhibitions and conferences industry. Dr. El Namaki praised the efforts made by the Ministry and the BECA in supporting all economic sectors in Bahrain.
Dr. El Namaki said that Bahrain should position itself in the highly specialist but low competitive end of the MICE market. He said Bahrain had opportunities and choices to make: “Bahrain has strategic advantages in that it has strong capital markets, a strong telecommunications infrastructure, a dynamic government and a free economy.”