On Sunday, March 27, 2011, the Victoria University Alumni Association convened for the second time. The alumni get-together at the Zhijiang Hotel in Hangzhou, was organized by the University and endorsed by the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce. The main event of the day was a business leader forum. The Chinese Central Television CCTV, Zhejiang TV and the local Hangzhou News covered the event.


Totaling almost 400 people, the alumni were warmly welcomed by Master of Ceremonies Mr. Zhang Pengfei, Chairman of the Modern Union Group. He updated the former students on the development plans for the alumni community.


Amongst the speakers were Dr. Dai Xulong, President of Victoria University and Prof. Dr. El Namaki, Dean of Victoria University. Dr. El Namaki’s lecture was about “Economic policy and strategic thinking; how shifts in US economic policy have changed the concept and practice of global strategic thinking”.


Guest speakers included Dr. Hans Roth, former Consul-General of Switzerland in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Mr. Yvan Sprünglin, General Manager of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Prof. Fang Zuguang, President of Zhejiang Gongshang University, Prof. Wang Shuguang, Director of the School of Management at Zhejiang University and Mr. Zheng Mingzhi, Head of the Zhejiang Province Development Board.


The business leader forum discussions were highly successful and interactive. The main topic of the discussion was Innovation and Business Development. Amongst the forum’s participants were major business leaders like Mr. Yang Yuncheng, Head of the Beijing Urban Construction Group and Mr. Wang Shuifu, Chairman of the Xizi UHC Group. Most participants were former VU students.


Prof. Peng Qingyi highlighted the conclusion of the day. As a well-respected member of the CCPC, he explored alternative and humorous interpretations of recent Chinese history. In an erudite way, he graciously contributed to a fun and cheerful final of the day.


This second alumni meeting demonstrated once more the fruitful relationship between alumni, faculty, and students. In the future, the Alumni Association hopes to organize the event in Europe.