On Tuesday January 12  2011, Victoria University representatives Dr. Juvet, Dr. El Namaki, Dr. Dai and Drs. Roelofsen met Dr. Gnaegi, Minister of Education of Neuchâtel Canton and his General Secretary Mrs. Blétry. The meeting took place at Neuchâtel Castle, the home of many cantonal institutions.


Dr. Gnaegi opened the meeting with a warm word of welcome to everyone. Mr. Roelofsen, one of the VU representatives introduced the school. Mr. Gnaegi was very interested in the plans of VU in Neuchâtel. He showed great involvement and he was very helpful. He said he was happy to have a business school in Neuchâtel Canton that was focusing on future markets like China.


Mr. Dai gave Mr. Gnaegi a traditional Chinese wall painting. The occasion ended with a photo-shoot at the castle.


Dr. Gnaegi holds doctorage degree from the Faculty of Economics, University of Neuchâtel and was the director of l'Ecole supérieure de commerce du Lycée Jean-Piaget in Neuchâtel and lecturer at the University of Freiburg.