On December 2, 2010, Prof. Dr. El Namaki, Dean of VU, was invited to Manama, Bahrain. He was appointed Advisor to “Team Bahrain”, an initiative of the Bahrain Exhibition and Convention Authority (BECA). BECA’s aim is to bring together all companies promoting Bahrain and it comprises more than 50 representatives from the country’s business and leisure tourism sectors.


In his speech, Dr. El Namaki said Bahrain is doing well to promote tourism. The country highlights its cultural heritage as a marketable product. “That is the way to go,” he added.


Dr. El Namaki also pointed out that the banking industry in the country was flourishing. “Bahrain is a well-known financial center and it is doing the right thing in capitalizing on that.” The country’s 39th position in the world’s financial centers ranking and its top status in the Middle East, are valuable incentives for people to come to Bahrain.