On July 17, 2010, Victoria University, Switzerland held its first alumni day with the participation of distinguished guests, faculty, alumni, and students totaling almost 100 people. The event was held at the Radegast Hotel in Chongwen, downtown Beijing.

Amongst the speakers were Professor Li Yan Jie (Visiting Prof. of Victoria University) and Professor El Namaki (Dean of Victoria University). Guests included Prof. Ju Guoyu (Prof. of Victoria University; Chairman of the Academic Board of the School of Economics at Peking University), Prof. Huang Henxue (Chair, Department of Public Economics at Peking University), Prof. L.A. Keow (Prof. of Victoria University), Mr. Richard Francis (Chief Representative - Asia Pacific Region, Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen), Peter Bloxham (Harper Adams University College), Prof. Xu Ding (Prof. of Victoria University)

Prof. Li Yan Jie was play the importment role in the development of the open door policy initiated by Deng Xiaoping; professor at the Beijing Capital Normal University. With vigor and enthusiasm, Mr. Li spoke about ancient Chinese wisdom and its influence on current Chinese business thinking.

Prof. El Namaki is Dean of Victoria University and is the founding father of the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands. He is a specialist in strategic thinking and head of the Drucker Institute in the Middle East. Prof. El Namaki spoke about the international financial crisis and its impact on the financial sector in China.

This first alumni meeting will mark the onset of a fruitful relationship between alumni, faculty, and students. Victoria University’s alumni form a diverse and immensely talented community. The Alumni Association hopes that in the future alumni throughout the world will be able to attend the event.