Objective DBA & PhD DBA Program Structure Framework Course Descriptions


The VU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is best described as a research-based management program aimed at enhancing managerial capacity to make a significant, original contribution to business practices. The program is highly flexible: DBA participants can tailor their studies around their career needs and lifestyle. The DBA program provides a practical yet academically rigorous learning experience for a diverse population of traditional and non-traditional participants. The objectives of the program are three-fold :

  • to prepare participants for a career in management or consulting at the senior executive level;
  • to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary in order to conduct meaningful and original empirical research;
  • to develop within each participant the fundamental expertise and skills required in order to become a college or school faculty member in an area of Business Administration.

The doctoral program is designed for both part-time and full-time DBA participants. Those who apply themselves should be able to complete the required coursework within three years. DBA participants must complete the program within five years after beginning their doctoral coursework. However, in extenuating circumstances, DBA participants may apply for an extension of up to one year to complete the program. After six years in the program, DBA participants must reapply if they have not completed all the requirements for graduation.