On November 29, 2014, Victoria University Graduation Ceremony was held in Hong Kong.

In accordance with tradition, the graduation ceremony was opened by a musical performance of a local Scottish bagpipe band. The music played was of Scottish origin and was full of glory suitable for the occasion.

The official part of the program started with a speech by the Dean of the school, Dr. El Namaki. He mentioned about changes which graduates had to face in recent years. Dr. El Namaki encouraged the graduates to prepare themselves to this changing environment.

The next speaker was Dr. Dai Xulong, the President of the school. He congratulated all students in Mandarin and English. He also spoke about the future of the school. He pointed out some of the major changes Victoria University is facing e.g. some good news. 

Next, all graduates were called to receive their certificates. We wish all the graduates a successful career full of happiness and joy!